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Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Dog clothing comes in a lot of variety and especially so during some holidays.  Halloween is a favorite time to dress up the family dog, if the dog will allow it.  Dogs look so cute in their Halloween costumes, but some costumes are just better than others.   I recently saw a dog costume called Count Dogula.  As you can guess, it was a Dracula costume on a little fluffy dog.  I think it might have looked better on a bigger , meaner looking dog.  The dog that was modeling this costume was just not a Dracula looking dog.  I think a Doberman would be much better as a model for a Dracula suit!

As I was looking further, I found a clown costume.  Now the little dog modeling it did look like a clown and the whole effect made me laugh.  I hope that dog could walk on his hind feet to really make the costume work.

dog1Next I found a this silly little dog on the left.  As you can see, you have to have a very compliant dog that would let you put an entire outfit on it.  I know our Basset hound would never allow such a thing.  Many of the costumes for dogs come in a few pieces,  It helps to get the whole thing on them.

Another costume I came across that I really liked was a hot dog.  Of course the dog modeling it was a dachshund, which was very appropriate for the dog clothing.  I think these types of dogs tolerate the whole dog clothing better than others.

Next I found a costume on a boxer and this dog was clearly not happy about wearing it.  I guess the photographer has to be quick to get the photo before the dog just shakes the parts of the costume off.  This dog has a Christmas costume on, and the photograph clearly shows a dog that does not seem like he is enjoying it.

Some costumes are nothing more than a fancy collar and some sort of head piece.  These types of costumes are better suited for the bigger, meaner dogs.  The quality of these dog costumes runs the gamut from very good, to made of flannel. Most will not survive more than a few wearings.  Dogs are very hard on clothes, since they don’t really care what happens to them, and most of the time they are trying to get the clothes off.

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