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Dog Collars as a Fashion Statement

Dog clothing is a big business these days, and when we think of clothing, sometimes we forget that the dog collar is part of it.  Even dogs that don’t wear clothes, will likely be wearing a dog collar.  This can be the very first way you get your dog into the fashion world.

Dog collars don’t have to be the old type of plain functional collar.  Today’s collars come in large variety of colors, materials, and functions.  The dog harness falls into this collar area as well. ( Some dogs work better with a harness, like the little dogs with little heads !)

Let’s look a t few types of collars on the market today and the first we will look at is the “choke chain”.. I always hated this type of collar as far as the function of it, but I loved it when I saw a big Rottweiler coming my way on the sidewalk sporting one.   Let’s face it, the choke chain collar is a very good way to control  a big dog.  It is also not inhumane at all, when used properly.  I have used one on a very independent basset hound, and he soon started obeying.  You may not have thought of these as fashion, but these chains actually look pretty good on the right dog, and they come in many materials and colors.

Another type of collar is the electronic collars.  These are sometimes called shock collars, although the name sort of implies more than is actually there.  They do shock the dog, but when used properly, it is not as painful as it is surprising to the dog.  These collars also come in many sizes and functions.  Some are remote controlled, so the owner can correct the dog at a good distance away.  These are used for training a dog as will as correcting bad behavior.  Other electronic collars are used in conjunction with the invisible fence.  These collars will administer a correction when the dog crosses a wire that is buried in the owners yard.

Of course , the plain old buckle up collars are the favorite and this is where the fashion starts.  My dog has nylon snap together type collar on right now, and I bought it to support my college, so it is orange and maroon, the Hokies colors.  You can  find a collars that supports any sports team you can imagine.

These are just a few ways that dog collars have become a fashion accessory.  Even though dog collars are very functional, they are still a part of the dog clothing wardrobe.

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