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Dog Beds – Comfort Makes for a Healthy Pet

When we think of dog clothing, we seldom consider that dogs sleep a good portion of their lives.  Who cares if your dog wears the most fashionable clothes around, but has a terrible bed to sleep in.  Actually, my dog has 3 beds.  Each one is slightly different and I think he likes each one at separate times of the day.

My dog is a Basset Hound and he really does sleep a lot.  Sometimes  I think all he does is sleep and eat.  When I consider all the money we have spent on him, I am glad it was mainly for things that make his life more comfortable.  Before you go out and buy a bunch of dog clothes for that new dog of yours, be sure to take care of his or her basic comfort.   A good bed will help you have a happy dog.

One of the first things to look for in a good dog bed is whether it can be washed.  Many dogs including hounds have a very smelly oily skin that gets into the bed real quick.  Make sure the bed you buy can be washed in the wash machine every few weeks.  We usually try to wash the bed at least every month.

The next thing I would look for in a good dog bed is materials it is made of.  Some dogs have skin allergies and the last thing you want to do is make that worse by getting a bed stuffed with something that your dog is allergic to.  There is no real good way to discover whether your dogs’ bed is causing him to scratch, except to remove it and see if the itching gets better.  Many times dogs become allergic to certain materials over time.  Just be alert to this when providing bedding for your dog.

Where the bed is placed is a very important component to the overall dog bed discussion.  Dogs like to feel protected when they are in their bed.  Most dogs prefer to have their bed located against a wall, or even in a corner.  To them, this provides some security.  When you are gone and they are all alone in the house , they appreciate the comfort and security of their bed.  My dog was trained to use a kennel ( that is, a big wire cage), when he was young and he still considers it one of his favorite beds.  He knows when he goes in there, he is safe.

Dog beds are more important than dog clothes, so make certain that before you go out spending money on dog coats and dog sweaters, that you get your beloved dog a good bed or two to snuggle in.

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