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Is it a Good Time to Buy Your Dog a Coat?

Posted on Dec 12, 2018 02:11:15 PM

Our dog Rudy likes to walk, but he hates winter and being cold.  That’s why we bought him a couple of dog coats.  He also has a sweater that he wears sometimes.  Dog coats have come a long way and fit much better than they used to.  Basset hounds actually don’t mind having a coat on, because they are such wimps with bad weather.  The newer coats are easy to put on them as well.  Some velcro straps and your are done.

I see so many dogs wearing coats these days, many wear them because it gives them a sense of comfort ( or so I am told).

Just beware of the coats that  go too far back on the underside if you have a male basset hound.  We learned that the hard way and found that they will pee all over them! Ha!

Coats are also a fashion statement as I am sure you are aware. It is fun to dress them up , especially for Halloween!